Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gabby had so much fun on this stuffed giraffe while we were in New York. She always wanted up on it, she was just a little to short to get on it on her own.

She really had a blast . . . and so did we =+)

Gabby was our little pink marshmallow, she had a blast in the snow. She couldn't get over how cold it was to touch though. We really had fun in New York!

We went to New York the beginning of January. We stayed with our friend Pete, who has a hot tub. Andy really wanted to sit in the hot tub, so he had to shovel the snow to get to tub . . . hence the shoveling in his board shorts and a T-shirt. I still think he's crazy though!!

Andy's parents and sister came up here to Missouri to celebrate the coming in of the new year with us. We had a great time! One of the days we took them to the state park here, the weather was actually really nice for us.