Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Well . . . I know that it is a bit late, but here are a few pics of our Malaysian Christmas 2007. Here is our tree all lit up . . . Christmas is by far my (Bethany's) favorite time of the year.Andy and Eli figuring out an ornament . . . Eli is in one of his signature saggy onesies =+).
Gabby . . . proud of her work on the mini tree =+)
Eli and his new guitar from Papa and Nana Benezette (they were here for a late celebration on new years . . . I will post more pics of them later) . . . he loves it and calls it a "tar" . . . too cute!
Gabby and her stroller for her babies . . . it was pretty much all she wanted for Christmas, that and bottles for her babies . . she is definitely the nurturing type.
Eli and his awesome smile . . . makes me smile every time!
Gabby and the play that she was in at the church we go to here . . . she is the littlest one in the white dress with the purple sash (if you couldn't tell). . . . oh and the one wearing the wings.
Our awesome little ones Eli (who is now 18 months) and Gabrielle (who will be 4 in March) The funny thing is that they only weigh about 3 lbs different . . . Gabs is still a bit heavier, you go girl!
Gabby posing for me in front of our cool tree, she was such a big helper with it this year!
Me and my girly girl . . . I am sooooo blessed to have her!!
Me trying to figure out an ornament it appears . . either they are really difficult ornaments to hang, or we are just not that bright of a bunch =+).
Gabs and I hard at work =+)

Thanks for checking out the blog yet again . . . there are still plenty more pics from the time we had with Andy's parents . . . those are yet to come. It takes a while to wade through the couple hundred photos I have of their time here in Malaysia. We love you all, keep in touch ok!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hey, I just wanted to put an update picture of the little man . . . since I haven't posted a pic of him in over a month now! Here is Eli, and Daddy . . . he is 18 months old now (Eli is) =+). He is getting so smart and learning so much every day!! We are amazed!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Well . . . it has been a really long couple of months, very busy. With Christmas and New Years and Andy's parents here for a visit. There hasn't been much down time for blogging, hence the month of not posting ANYTHING. SO, I just wanted to let everyone at O-Hills know, that had a part in sending this package, . . . that it arrived safely and there is very happy family of four living in Malaysia right now =+)!! We had a blast opening up the huge box and feeling so very loved as we took everything out piece by piece. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Here are a few photos of us enjoying the gifts. Eli was napping and didn't get in on the fun, but I will post some pics of him playing with all the trucks and cars he got later. This first one is of Gabby girl totally excited and feeling so loved =+).

Andy and Gabby digging into the goodness . . . Andy is wearing a sarong, which is typical man's "skirt" here . . . it is very Malay. I know that he will most likely get made fun of when you all see these pictures, but I know that he will stand by the fact that they are terribly comfortable. Anyway . . . here are the package openers at work . . . I was the film crew =+).
Gabby wearing one of her new outfits . . . we couldn't believe how much clothing there was for her, thanks so much, it was really needed! She is also wearing a new necklace and bracelet from the box.

Here is a pic of me and some of the gifts . . . Andy MADE me get in photo. It was Saturday morning and I hadn't even showered yet, I was not feeling photogenic
Here is Gabby with all the wonderful gifts . . . she squeals with joy whenever we tell her that we have gotten a package from the States.
We are so blessed to have friends like you all! We couldn't believe how many things you fit into that box!Here she is holding up another outfit she got!
She absolutely loves books . . . thank you!
Gabby was SO excited to get the Christmas kissing bears . . . her Uncle David and Aunt Bethany have a set of them and she always plays with them. She was jumping up and down when she saw that we have set of our own now!
What a perfect gift . . . she loves to do crafts and loves jewelry too!
Thank you soooo much Aunt LaDonna! And of course Courtney too . . . Gabs is thrilled with her new tap shoes . . . she plays with them all the time!
Andy, stoked about the kettle corn. By the look in his eyes he really needs to know the answer to the question on his shirt . . . he looks wiped out.
Andy wanted to say a BIG thank you for his new set of crayons . . . that is, until Gabby set him straight and let him know that it was HER new set of crayons!!
Thanks a lot guys . . . now my husbands breath smells perpetually like Slim Jims! Seriously though, thanks a lot . . . he loves them so much!
"beautiful are the feet of those . . . " ; and now they are even more beautiful with these bejeweled shoes! Gabby loves to wear these with her princess dress, then she asks her Daddy to be her prince and dance with her =+) . . . to many precious moments at this age.
Thank you sooooo much, you have no idea the encouragement that a package like this brings to us. We feel so loved! We hope you enjoyed the photos . . . I will be posting more in the next week, of our Christmas, New Years Eve, and our travels around Malaysia with Andy's parents, sister, and uncle . . . we had a blast! Love to all of you and we hope you had a blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2008!!