Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This post is a little bit random . . . a bit of April activity =+)
The first one is a sunset out our living room window . . . we have seen some really beautiful ones in the last year and half that we have lived in this apartment. The next one is Gabby in the tub . . . around the Benezette household, as far as the kiddos are concerned, bath time is the best part of the day!
All smiles!
Here is Gabby and Eli on the Island of Langkawi . . . we went there to have some business meetings with Dave and Bethany . . . and we decided to spend one of the days just having fun together. So here is Gabby chillin' at the beach with her floaties from her Uncle Steve and Aunt Jen . . . she loves them! Then Eli looks like he wants to give someone a Hi 5!
Here we are at a Starbucks party . . . we have a lot of close friends that work at Starbucks here, and so we are always invited to the parties . . . this one was for the start of summer. It was a lot of fun, we played games and had free food and drinks provided by Starbucks . . it doesn't get much better!! Some of the people in the photo are good friends of ours, and others we had never met before, they were just other patrons of Starbucks that got invited.
One of the games that we played was that we as teams (Andy and I were one team, and My brother and his wife were another team) had to choose 4 things out of a box, then decorate one of the members of our team with those items to make them look like "summer". It was really hard . . . seeing as we went near the end, and most of the good stuff was already taken, and the items we were left with were very odd . . . but here are Andy and our sister in law Bethany . . . dressed up like Summer Time =+) . . . we were laughing so hard!
Here is My bro and his wife and I . . . Andy was picture happy that night . . . one of the first times in a while that I was not behind the camera.
Here we are again at bath time, or as we call it, tubby time . . . not sure what Eli is doing with his hand . . . that is the letter T in sign language, probably not what he is going for though =+) . . . he is growing up so fast and getting cuter by the day!!
Sweet smiles from a very sweet boy . . . we had rough start with this little man . . he cried SO much as a infant, but he is sure making up the time now . . he is a JOY to be around!!
Our little gems . . . Gabrielle and Eli . . . they have become close friends, they play together all the time now, keeping each other busy for hours!
Thanks again for checking out the blog, we miss you all so much . . . come visit us!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Gabby!

Our little girl is already 4 years old, it is really amazing how fast time flies! Here are some photos of her birthday party.

Opening presents . . . she was so loved with all the gifts she got . . . Thanks Papa and Grandma Jackson, Papa and Nana Benezette, Uncle Steve and Aunt Jen, Uncle Ben and Aunt Drea, Uncle Kevin and Aunt Meredith, Uncle Boyd and Aunt LaDonna and Uncle Tim and Aunt Shana =+) . . . . she is so thrilled with all her gifts!!
Here she is concentrating hard to open this present from her Uncle Dave and Aunt Bethany (she is even sticking her tongue out to get it just right) =+)!
Here she is with her cupcakes and candles . . . she didn't want me to stick the candles in her Barbie cake and "ruin it" =+) . . . so cute!

Gabby and two of her friends, they came to her 3rd Birthday party too . . . they are two of the sons of one of our language helpers . . . they had blast playing together.
Here Gabby is, coloring a really fun card that she got from Nana "up the hill" (a.k.a. my mom's mom . . . Rosemary Etherton) . . . Gabby says "thanks Nana up the hill =+)" (we call her Nana up the hill because Gabby calls Andy's mom Nana also . . . so to tell them apart for her, we call my mom's mom "Nana up the hill" because she lives up the hill from my parents (got all that?? because I am not sure that I do =+))
This is the strawberry flavored Barbie cake that I made for Gabby, she was very specific this year with the type of cake she wanted. I want to tell my mom thanks, because I had no idea what I put her through when I asked her to make me a Barbie cake for my 8th birthday!! It was quite a challenge to make!!
Here is Gabby with Eli and her Daddy on her big day . . . we are so blessed to have Gabby as our little girl! Thanks for checking out the blog! We love you all and are so glad that we can call you all friends!!

Monday, April 07, 2008