Saturday, October 13, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya!! Well the month of Ramadan is over, and we had a great time celebrating Hari Raya which is the celebration feast at the end of the fasting month. Our muslim friends had open houses and served us some amazing food. As you can see, we all wore the traditional Malay clothes . . . we even found one for Eli this year. The outfit for girls is called the Baju Kurung and the clothing that the guys wear is the Baju Melayu. Hope you enjoy the pictures! Here is Gabby in her adorable purple baju kurung. (Hey Kayla, look at her flip-flops . . . they are one of the pairs you sent, they matched perfectly, thanks!!)

Gabby and Daddy, what a cute pair they make!

Eli, the little man . . . his pants were a bit long =+) Cute smile though!
Gabs is really growing up way too fast! Daddy's little girl.

And . . . the always great looking couple, my brother and his wife =+)

A family photo . . . we took this before we went out for three open houses in a row, the first was at noon to 2, then we went to a second one from 3 to 6, then the third on from 7 to 9. It was a long day and the kids didn't have any naps . . . but hey; I didn't have to cook, the food was amazing, Gabs and Eli were really great all day, and we had so much fun spending time with our friends.
Little man is becoming quite the thumb sucker, he still only sucks it when nervous or tired . . . but it is quite the habbit.

My little man and little lady . . . I am so glad that they are mine, what a joy they bring into my life!!

Just the ladies =+)

These pics were a few days ago, we had some fun with popsicles after dinner one night . . . here is Gabby, she is such a perfectionist, making sure not to drip. What a doll!
Thinking hard about this bite.

Eli on the other hand just dives in face first . . . the messier the better!

It that cold little man? Oh ya, Eli just cut his 8th tooth.

Andy decided that he wanted to steal the camera from me and take some pictures of the "picture taker" . . . so here I am =+)

Gabs and I, enjoying each other, she's my little buddy.

Thanks for checking out the blog, it means so much . . . love you all.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hey all . . . hope your week is going well. We had a fun weekend, we went to the zoo . . . it was the first time we had gone to the zoo here in KL. We had a really great time . . . Eli is getting so big, he really loved the zoo, Gabs had a blast too. We hope you enjoy the pics. The first three are of Eli and Daddy, they are starting to be the best of buddies.

This is the mall that is bellow the Petronas Towers. The first 5 floors of the towers is a mall, we frequent there. A cool place.

We realized that we are always taking pictures of us and of our friends in front of the towers but never the kids. So here is Gabs and Eli in front of the towers . . . too cute!

Here are the pictures of us at the zoo we all had a great time.

Feeding the pigeons in the kiddie area of the park, Gabby thought it was too cool.

This has a funny story behind it. Eli was having such a great time seeing the animals, so daddy wanted him to see the camel up close and personal. He was doing fine with it for a while, but then the camel got a little too close for comfort . . . Eli was not pleased and the laugh turned slowly to a cry. Andy backed off with Eli and so did the camel, too funny!

What a cool dude in his Dad's sunglasses.
Eli just thought these capybaras were the coolest . . . they really kept him giggling.

Eli can say turtle in Malay instead of english, it is too funny. The word for turtle is kurakura, so when he saw these he just started pointing and saying "kurakura" . . . he'll be fluent before we are. =+)

A little family photo with the turtles =+).

Gabby and Daddy with the a barking deer, they didn't bark at us though. =+)

Eli checking out this huge bird . . . I think that it was a stork.

Have a good rest of the week, thanks for checking out the blog. Love to all!