Sunday, August 19, 2007

Well . . . sorry that it has been nearly a month since the last time I posted. We had some visitors from the States . . . our close friends, Kevin and Meredith Carter. They kept us rather busy and now we are trying to play catch up on our tasks. So sorry that we have been out of the loop, . . . but as you will see from the following pictures we had a great time showing them around Malaysia . . . Our New Home! This first one is Gabby with the Malaysian flag, this month (August 31st) Malaysia celebrates 50 years of freedom . . . needless to say, everyone here is very excited and patriotic!!Here is a picture of Kevin and Andy, such manly men in the Butterfly park . . . I like the poses guys!
Gabs immediately remembered and connected with Uncle Kevin and Aunt Meredith . . . she had an awesome time being with them and being loved by them.
Here is Eli and I playing in the water at the Petronas Towers . . . he looks so stylish in his new swim suit from his Grandma Jackson =+)!!
Kevin and Andy in front of the Petronas Towers . . . such an amazing sight, especially at night!
All four of us . . . we set the timer on the camera . . . we miss you guys!
Here they are, this pic is definitly a keepsake!
We have never shown you all a picture of our apartment building. Well here it is. It is the one on the left. We live about half way up it.

This is the view from in front of our building, in the parking lot.
Bedtime stories with Kevin and Meredith. Gabs loved it!!
Here's the girls at the butterfly park . . . such a fun place.
This is the restaurant on the fifth floor of our building, one of our favorite places to eat.
Some cool pictures in front of the Menara KL (Kuala Lumpur Tower).

Here we are arriving in Langkawi . . . a vacation island in the north of Malaysia.
We took some cable cars to the top of a mountain there . . . some amazing views.

Eli got an eye infection while we were there . . . this was his attitude the whole time we were there. Poor kid!
This is another picture on the top of mountain.
This is Andy's favorite picture of Kevin and Meredith's time with us . . . Kev and Gabs were best buddies.
While we were on the island, Kevin wanted a chance to drive on the "wrong" side of the road. Look at the crazed look in his eyes. =+)
More and more cute pictures=+) It was so nice to get away from the city and have some time to vacation!!

Here is Kev and Mer at the Seven Wells . . . such a beautiful view and a fun place to play too.
Dinner on the beach . . . Yum! And a great view!
Another pic from the top of the mountain. These pictures are a bit out of order, sorry.
Kevin looking at the view on the way up in the cable car. It was so high!!
Ahhh, on the beach chillin'!!!

Meredith and I . . . dinner on the beach, while the sun sets . . . need I say more?!

Thanks for coming guys!! It was amazing, can't wait till the next time. SO sorry about the rash!! Love you both! Thanks everyone for checking out the blog, we miss you all.