Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Time With My Mom and Dad =+)

This first one is of Eli making a very important call I am sure . . . or is it just my way of keeping him still and quiet when he is really over tired =+) . . . you'll never know!
Here is my Mom and the kids playing in their play room, it looks like a good game of Dora Memory . . . I wonder who is winning? The kids had such a good time reconnecting with their grandparents . . . and we had a great time watching them =+) Oh . . . and we had a great time with my parents too =+)
Here is my Mom learning how to wear a sarong (the name of the cloth wrapped around her) in a traditional Malay women's way. My Mom and Dad are always good about trying new things!

Here is one of our friends teaching my Mom how to wear the sarong.
My Dad's turn at learning to wear the same thing in the traditional Malay man's way (on a man it is called a sampin)
My brother gave him a hand at learning how to do it (my brother and Andy like to wear these sampins around the house now . . . they say that they are very comfortable, I tell them that they are turning Malaysian=+))
Snuggles from Papa . . .
And a few tickles . . . =+)
So much fun!
Gabby and Grandma snuggling . . . and making memories that will last forever!!
Just hanging out at the house watching Gabby's new cartoons and drinking coffee . . . life does not get much better than that!!
Papa brought over the computer game called "Just Me and My Grandpa" . . . Gabby and Papa had a blast playing it together. She kept asking him if they could play it again.
Thanks for checking out the blog . . . we miss and love you all and can't wait to be back in the US again to hang out and catch up . . . when that time comes =+).

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Philippines

Well . . . we are back from our awesome vacation in the Philippines . . . we had so much fun traveling around and hanging out with my sister and her husband (as well as my niece and nephews=+)) This first picture is of us by Mt. Mayon Volcano, it is so beautiful (and still active!!) . . . it is about an hour from where my sis and her family live.
Here is Gabby by a really cool waterfall that we visited while we were there . . . the kids loved it!!
Eli throwing rocks into the water . . . he is a water-baby for sure!
Eli and Andy having a heart-to-heart talk=+) . . . this is in Aritao . . . a place where I spent a lot of my growing up years . . . it was fun to bring Andy there and tell him all the stories=+).
All the cousins playing in the little inflatable pool in my sister's back yard. The kids all had so much fun together.
This is us in Ariatao again . . . it is truly a breathtaking place, so beautiful. I had no eye for the beauty that was around me when I was little playing here . . . it is so very amazing up there!!
Eli . . . a.k.a Mr. Fix-it =+)
Eli and Gabby in front of my childhood home there in Aritao. I was in tears walking Andy through my old home . . . soooo many memories!!
Andy and Gabby playing in the river by the waterfall, so refreshing . . . what a fun time!
All the cousins again . . . posing like good kids in front of the waterfall =+).
Our little beauty Gabrielle . . . look at those big brown eyes!
Big man Eli by the waterfall.
Gabby and her cousin Ben . . . he is only 3 weeks older than she is, but so much bigger.
What a cute bunch of munchkins!!
Ben and Gabby again . . . it is really hard to believe that he is really only 3 weeks older than she is!! The size difference is so funny.
We had a really great time hanging with my sister and family in the Philippines . . . what a time of making memories together. It'll be so great the next time we can be together again. Thanks for checking out the blog . . . we miss and love you all so much!!