Thursday, April 02, 2009

Well . . . Gabrielle is now 5 years old!! Time really does fly, we are not sure where it all goes. Here are some pictures of her birthday party, we invited pretty much all of our friends over here . . . we ended up with more than 50 guests! They were not there all at the same time though, but we had at least 15 people in our house the entire time from 5 pm to midnight on her big day! This first pic is of the cake that I made for Gabby . . . we had a luau theme for the party, that is what she ended up wanting . . . it was a lot of fun =+)!
This year we splurged and got some helium balloons and she was sooo excited!! . . . and Eli giving her some birthday hugs.

Opening some presents . . . so much fun!
She got a new pair of pretty pink sandals from Ima (our Nanny and house cleaner, as well as dear friend)
Opening her present from Auntie Sya.
Standing by her cake . . . waiting to be sung to =+)
Waiting for Daddy to cut the cake and serve it up!!
Opening her present from Papa and Nana Benezette
She got a kid learning laptop from them, it has all sorts of learning games on it. She really loves to play with it.
Opening the presents from Papa and Grandma Jackson, she loved getting the package, thanks guys! You can see the table cloth that you sent on the table behind her.
She got a mug with her name on it and an adorable outfit from them.
Posing with Rie and Farah and the barbies she got from them.
Playing with some friends in the mini sandbox that we got for her.
Wearing the outfit from Papa and Grandma. . . big smiles =+)
Thanks for looking at the pictures =+)