Sunday, April 08, 2007

Well, here are some pictures of Gabby's Birthday Party . . . hope you enjoy them!! The first few are her opening presents from some of our friends at O-hills in Missouri. Thank you so much, Gabs was so excited that she got presents from you!

Gabby playing with her friends at the party. This is her with the two youngest sons of our language helper. She had a blast with them.
Cutting the cake, with a little help =+) She had a Dora and Boots cake, she thought is was SO great!!

Opening a few more presents.
And cards . . .
Happy Birthday Gabs!!
Smiling man!

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles!!!
Eli has been making some really funny faces latley!
Silly kid, we love them so much, hope you enjoyed the pics!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sorry that it has been so long since I last published some pictures of our family. The excuse is the same as always . . . life got busy. I hope these pics redeem me =+)! Enjoy! Here is Eli boy playing with bubbles in the tub. His Daddy bought a bubble machine for him and his sister to enjoy, they love it so much!!GUESS WHO IS THREE YEARS OLD . . . PRINCESS GABBY GIRL!!! That's right, our baby girl is 3 already . . . wow!!

She is taking the job of being 3 very seriously!!
Or maybe not =+)
Hey . . . who is that impostor?!?!
Daddy and Gabby went on a birthday date . . . to her choice restaurant, she chose McDonalds . . . we think that her taste with probly get more expensive as the years go by =+). I got some pictures before they left.

We decided to spell the kids names with their cool tub toy letters. Gabby is trying very hard to hold still so that they don't fall.
We had to use the number 1 instead of an L for Eli's name . . . we couldn't find and L, he seemed ok with it though. Hope you enjoyed the pics, post a comment if you want to. We love you all, and miss you so much!!