Monday, September 07, 2009

Gabby and Eli before Gabby's ballet class . . . best buds (most of the time =))

Baby bump at 25 weeks . . . I keep expanding =)

One more video of Gabby on the runway =)
A few photos from the fashion show . . . the first one is Gabs and a proud Daddy snuggling after the show.

This one is after the show, it's the stage where it was held. It is a replica of a traditional Malaysian provencial home setting. Pretty cool we thought!
Gabs on the cat walk =) . . . she did great, remembered where she was suppose to go on the stage and when and for how long . . . she was amazing!
This one was taken by one of the professional photographers at the show, i found it on his website this morning.

This is right after she got her hair and makeup done . . . the store that she was modeling for had all of the girls in the show go to different salons at the mall to get all done up . . . Gabby loved it!

Gabby was in a fashion show this past Sunday and she did great, she is quite the little model. She had a blast and we were very proud!!