Monday, July 25, 2011

Zoe Grace is now 19 months old . . . and is talking more and more every day . . . and learning every day how to better create and get into trouble :D . . . she is a ton of fun and we would be missing out greatly in life without her . . . what a joy she is!! My favorite thing that she says is "I nawna doe", meaning: I wanna go . . . she says it all the time, cuz she always wants to be part of the action. Another one of our favorites is when she raises both fists in the air and then pulls them down and says "Yeth!!" meaning Yes! . . hahaha. Just double click on the photos if you want to see them bigger.

ALWAYS into something :) She loves stickers, hence the smiley face stickers that she put all over her onesie and neck.
Last month we went to the St Louis Zoo with my (Bethany's) parents and had a really great time, here are some of photos from that day. We are having a wonderful time with my parents, cherishing the time together before we head back over to the other side of the world. Time together is something we never take for granted.

Acting like monkeys on the gorilla's back!

Papa and Eli looking for the big cats hiding below . . .

Zoe LOVED the goats . . or in her words "goaks! goaks!"

Zoe along for the ride all day :)

We had an awesome day!!