Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Gabby turns 9!!

Gabrielle Turned 9!!
We celebrated our Gabby's 9 years of life with a fantastic fairy party!!  We had a house full of 6 other girls, plus our three kids!! It was a lot of fun! They had fun swimming, eating pizza, watching movies, making cake pops, eating cake and ice cream, eating Oreo pops and having an awesome sleepover!! I was so busy partying that I didn't take nearly enough photos :) . . . but I did get a few to remember Gab's special day!! Enjoy!

 This is the adorable Tinkerbell cake that I ordered from a new friend of mine here, her name is Maza and she did an amazing job, this is exactly how we wanted it!! She does made to order cakes, with whipped or fondant decorations!! If you live here in Malaysia and want her info, let me know!!
 Dishing up her absolute favorite ice cream; cookies'n'cream!!

 Eating the cake pops that they had worked so hard on!

Everyone had a blast!!