Monday, September 24, 2007

Hey from this side of the world. It's been a while since the last time I posted. Andy decided that it was time to redue the computer, so all my pictures were put onto the external hard drive. But now I have them on the computer again and we are back in business. =+) This is a picture out our living room window, on a very clear and beautiful day. We really love our view! Eli and Mommy being buddies . . . he is getting to be quite the character, a real jokester like his Dad.

I went out to a performance of the Malaysian Orchestra the other night with my brother and his wife, it was really great . . . while I was gone, Daddy and the kids had a "whip-cream-and-oreo-party" . . . this is one of pics I got to see when I got home.

Andy just bought and installed a swing from Ikea . . . he put some heavy duty bolts in it and hung it from the cieling in Gabs room. They both really love it. What an amazing Daddy they have!

Swinging in your undies is the most fun . . . not that I have personal experience with it . . .I just go off of what Gabs tells me. =+)

Our Gabby has become quite the little artist as of late ... . she drew this whole picture by herself. She is getting better and better at drawing people, every time she draws a person it has more detail . . . the newest detail is the tounge.

Eli enjoying a oreo during the party while mom was away =+).

Gabby posing by her white board, she really loves to draw.

Eli boy in the tub, he is growing up so fast. I like his bubble beard. =+)

We came home from working out the other morning and Gabby was dressed like this, she said that it was snowing so she needed to keep warm. Too cute!

Andy and Gabs went on a date the other night . . . I let her use my bag to put her swim suit and towel in, because they were going to go to the water park at the Petronas Towers.

A pre-date photo =+)

Eli is learning early about video games, from his Dad . . . he'll be a pro at a young age I am sure. Have a great week everyone, thanks for checking out the blog.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Just wanted to post a couple more pics of Kevin and Meredith . . . this is when they were saying goodbye to Eli, because he didn't come to the airport with us (he wanted to nap instead) =+),This is a favorite picture of mine . . . Eli is waving and saying "hi" it is one of his new words . . . he says it to everyone as they pass by him. It is toooo cute!!

Gabby being an absolute nut as she is most of the time. Silly faces are her specialty =+).
Eli is learning how to feed himself with a fork . . . he is very into sharing. He also has 7 teeth now . . . just pushed another one through last night. So he has gotten 5 teeth in the last month!! He has been a trooper for most of the time though. Other Eli developments: he says "hi", "buh-bye", "ball" and "no, no, no" to mock me when I tell him no about something. He even tells himself "no, no, no" without my help. The other day he hit Gabby and then said "no, no, no" . . . before I even had a chance to say anything. Such a character!!

Car seats here are very expensive because only the rich use them . . . cuz they are not required by law and most cars don't even have seat belts in the back seat. Our Volvo has them though and we decided that it would be a good idea to keep our little ones as safe as possible. We found Gabby's seat on sale for a good price, and Grandma and Papa Jackson sent Eli his snazzy new seat.
He is about to fall asleep because his seat is so comfy =+). Thanks for checking out the blog. Love to all!!