Saturday, August 23, 2008

It has been about a month since Andy so wonderfully did the last post here on our blog . . . sorry again that it has been so long . . . I hope you enjoy all these very random pictures of our month so far in August. This first one is of Gabby and her friend Anna who came here for a visit with her family a week ago . . . they really hit it off. So fun to see her making friends so easily . . . what a joy our Gabrielle is!

We went on a 6 hour drive north of here to the state of Kelantan to attend a wedding of a friend's friend of ours here in KL. This is a picture of a woman selling some veges in the huge market up there . . . I just love all the colors!
Here we are at the wedding we went to . . . the bride is in pink. It was a really pretty wedding!
Gabby goofing around at the arts and crafts center there in Kelantan.
Gabby and her Aunt Bethany sipping on some fresh coconut water . . . it was the sweetest I had ever had!!
Our friends brought us to see this budist temple, it is a tourist attraction up there due to the extremely large statue of budha that you see behind Gabby. Oh and the silly face that Gabby is making . . . Andy told her to smile like budha and this what she did, what a goofy girl.Eli and I sipping on the coconut water as well . . . so yummy!
Here are the kids and I at the KL Aquarium, we went there last week and it was our first time there. We had been meaning to go for a while, it just hadn't worked out. When our friends came to town last week, they wanted to go . . so we took them and finally got to go ourselves as well! It was really cool, the kids loved it.
Ok . . . here is an experience that Andy will not soon forget. This soup is called Gear Box Soup it is a soup with a large cow's bone in it, the soup's broth itself is actually very yummy. But the experiences comes from when they give you straws and ask you to slurp the marrow out of the center of the bone! Andy and Bethany (my sis in law) were brave enough to do it, and so was Gabby. They say that it is really bad for you, if you drink the marrow all the time because it is so high in fat and cholesterol . . . they say to only drink it once a year. It is amazing how the pallets of the world are SO different!! This was also up in Kelantan last weekend.
Gabby asked me to tie this around her head so that she could "play sports" . . . too cute!
Gabby and Eli with their beloved Aunt Bethany at the beach in Kelantan . . . they love her so much!
Eli and his contagious smile . . . he is getting to be quite the jokester and character!! He keeps a smile on our faces, that is for sure.
Here is a close-up of our girl . . . what a doll!
Gabby and Eli at the beach . . . the have sooo much fun together!
Here is Gabs listening to her am/fm radio that her Uncle Dave gave to her . . . she keeps calling it her ipod . . . a child of the technology age that is for sure!
Bubble boy Eli . . . he loves bubbles (as most 2 years olds do)!
Have a great weekend! We love and miss all of you, thanks for checking out the blog!