Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here are a few random pics of the last couple of months . . . we haven't taken a lot of pictures lately, shame on us . . . hope you enjoy them! This first one is of Gabs and Eli enjoying their easter presents from Nana Benezette.

Here are Andy and the kids while we were in Singapore last month (the day after Eli got out of the hospital with croup, his second time in the hospital in two months and not even for the same thing!!) we went down to see my sister and her husband . . . they are in the states now and we knew it would be a while til we saw them again . . . so we really wanted to make the trip down, we prayed that Eli would not have another attack of the croup . . . it is scary when your son can barely breath!! . . . He did fine and was healthy the whole time, God is good!

The men of the house!!

Eli looking very concerned . . . Mr. serious!

Andy and the kids in a park in Singapore . . . we love going down there for many reasons.

Eli the ant hunter . . . he is a nut!
Our cutie pies!!

More pics in Singapore . . . Gabs, all smiles!

In the same park in Singapore, we were waiting to meet up with my sis and bro in law.

This pic was actually taken about 45 minutes before we left KL for Singapore, Eli had just gotten his IV out and had been discharged, we were just waiting for the paper work so that we could pay the bill and hit the road . . . crazy times!! So glad we went down to see my sister and bro in law, it was an amazing time of fellowship, we love you guys!!

Thanks for checking out our blog once again, hope you enjoyed the pictures, sorry it had been so long since I last posted!!