Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ballets, Birthdays, and just plain FUN!

Bethany is usually the one who does all of the posting on this blog, but I (Andy) have decided to give it a go! I am only going to post some pictures and a video clip of Gabby's very first Ballet Performance. I hope that all of you enjoy!

This performance was short and sweet, but it was priceless

Fun day on the Beach in Langkawi with all of the cousins. This place never gets old, it only keeps getting better. We need to keep testing this theory though, so we are required at some point to go back again!

Behold!! The Glorious cake that my bride meticulously worked on for Eli's birthday! Not only does this cake have the look, but it also tasted great.

Step aside Uncle Ed! There is a new sheriff in town...actually if you can look close enough to read the font on the motorcycle, it says "Police Emergence" I think it is French, not sure how long its going to last...but we remain hopeful!

Suit UP! This is little man and I enjoying the monkey masks that Nana Benezette sent! We don't just wear them for the parties either...generally they make heads turn when worn around the community. Is that the Genetic Monkey?!?!?!? But of course.