Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eli's Hospital Stay
Eli's stayed in the hospital for two days and two nights, it was a roller coaster ride . . . they would give him meds and he would feel fine, fever down and everything . . . but then the fever would come back and he would get lethargic, like a rag doll. Thank you for all your prayer, Eli is now well and it is because you lifted him up . . . Thank you! It ended up being a severe tonsil infection, it took two days of intravenus antibiotics and 6 days of oral antibiotics. At one point his fever went up to 105 . . . scary stuff!! It is amazing we can rely on God and know that He is ALWAYS in control!

Sleeping the day away, I had never seen him like this . . . either he was sleeping or just laying there in bed . . . or wanting to be held.

Showing me his "spiderman hand" . . . he thought it was cool (until they would come to put the antibiotics in . . . he hated that and would scream the whole way through)

Eating a meal together . . . they gave me a complementary meal every time they brought one to Eli . . . and I gave it to Gabs =+).

Playing with the motorcycle that Gabby brought him as a get well present.

My pathetic little man =+(

Trying to stay awake . . . it's hard to do when you feel yucky!

Soothed by the thumb =+)

Gabby trying to cheer up Eli . . . she was in tears the night he went into the hospital, she was so sad for him that he had to get a needle.

This is the day that we went home, as you can see he is feeling himself again . . . all smiles!

Every time Andy would leave he would stand at the window and yell "Daddy come back to us!" =+)

Hanging out in the play area in the pediatrics ward at the hospital he was in . . . pretty cool!
Eli and a friend he made there . . . she had just given him that dinosaur book he is holding.

More playing while he was feeling good on the day we went home.

He kept calling this his guitar . . . it was folding chair in our hospital room.

We are glad to see our little man back to himself, thanks for all your prayers!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Here are some photos from our Benezette family reunion . . . hope you enjoy them . . . this first one is of how Andy, my bro and his wife greeted Andy's brother Ben at the airport. His brother and family live in Mongolia . . . it was all in good fun.

Gabby eating the stinkiest fruit in the world . . . Durian.
The sibblings, Andy and his older brother Ben and their younger sister Paige.
Andy and Eli playing guitar together =+)

Andy and I and Ben and Drea.
The Benezette clan in Cameron Highlands (in the mountains here in Malaysia)
The ORIGINAL Benezettes =+)
Uncle Ben and Eli.

The cousins . . . ages 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 . . . it was nuts!!

Papa and Nana and the grandbabies.

And again lining them up in order of age.

Our part of the Benezette clan =+)
Choo choo!!

Andy and his Uncle Ed (his Mom's brother, not a true Benzette, but we let him have a shirt =+))
At Startbucks doing what we do best =+)

More of the kiddos

The two story bungalow we rented for three days, it was really nice!!

Holding a snake at a hindu temple here in Malaysia.

Waiting for a train at the station (about half of our group)
Kiddos with the same snake . . . they thought it was pretty cool!!

Me and my sis in laws and mom in law . . . we had a blast!!

Gabby and her cousin Cali eating Durian.

The kids eating Happy Meals . . . I wouldn't try to steal Cali's, she seems very protective =+)

Me . . . half way through the reunion =+) I am just teasing, it was an amazing time, such a blessing!! We all hadn't been together in 5 years!
Kissing cousins

Andy and his bro Ben

We celebrated Ayrik's b-day while they were here . . . the big man second from the right.

Gabby strawberry picking in Cameron Highlands.

Gabs and Cali

My cutie, I love this photo!!

SMOOCHH!!!Little thumb sucker!

The sibblings once again . . .

Thanks for checking out the photos . . . hope you enjoyed them!!