Friday, May 18, 2007

This past weekend the four of us went to a butterfly park here in Kuala Lumpur. This first picture is in the museum and shows exactly what it says; the butterflies of Malaysia. Pretty cool we thought. We had a blast at the park, such a beautiful place and the butterflies were amazing!This is a dead walking stick thank goodness, but that is Andy's hand next to it! It is HUGE!!
This is my hand next to a HUGE grasshopper . . . it was in a cage =+)
Gabby and Eli next to a pretty little waterfall.
Gabby loved the turtles . . . you'd think they'd eat the butterflies, but I guess it's the "circle of life" =+)
One of the many beautiful ones there.
Some family pictures.

Andy and Gabs feeding the fish together. They has so much fun, the fish and the people =+)!
Pretty huh!
This one decided to land on Eli's head. He wasn't sure what to think.
They were everywhere!!

Macho macho man . . . with a butterfly?
Taking a closer look.

One landed on Gabs shirt and it took everything in her to not brush it off.
She thought it was pretty cool, when she relaxed a bit.
Andy had to tell Gabby so many times that the butterflies could not hurt her. She finally started to believe him.
And began to have some real fun.
Just a cute pic =+)

Eli is OBSESSED with balloons! You give him a balloon and he is happy for literally hours.
Gabby in her pigtails before we left for the butterfly park and she got all sweaty.
Hope you liked these pictures. We had a really great time at the butterfly park, we'll take you there if you come to visit =+).

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hello, hello, hello . . . it's been a while again. But there are a bunch of pictures here for you to enjoy. This first one is of Gabby at the Singapore zoo, the rest of the zoo pictures are later. I love this picture though because you can really see the look of uncertainty on her face as she stands so close to this emu. The animals in the Australia part of the zoo were so close it was a lot of fun.I don't often put pictures of Andy and I on this thing, so here we are. We look about the same as when we left I think, that is why it is boring to put pics of us =+).
Here is the big man, he is really getting cuter by the day!! We fall more in love with him every day!
Gabby girl in the tub loving the bubbles.
We just bought a nicer tank (then the tiny one we had) for our two turtles (marty and belle, lovingly named by Gabby) Both the kids love to watch them swim in their new home.
Eli is already 10 months old, we can really hardly believe it. He is getting big so fast.
Huh?? what did you say? I love the look on his face.
Gabby following her daddy's footsteps. She loves to pretend with the guitar.
Big smiles from the Eli man, relaxing in his tubby bath and chewing on a rubber ducky.

Here are the pictures from Singapore, we had a really good time down there. This first one is Eli in his kid carrier, where he spent most of the time there.
At the zoo there was a Ben and Jerry's ice cream place. I think that Gabs like sitting on the cow more than eating the ice cream.
The two men in the family =+). Not sure which one is more mature =+)!Gabby stopping to smell the flowers, orchids actually. In the small orchid farm that they had at the zoo.
We had to work hard to convince Gabs to pose for this picture. She was a little leery, even though we kept telling her that it was just pretend.
I love this one. They both loved the pretend tortioses.
There was a bunch of playgrounds at the zoo too, Gabs was in love with the Singapore zoo.
Daddy and his kids. It was raining pretty much all day, that is why Eli is covered up. We were trying keep him at least a little dry.
In the Australia part of the zoo you could pet the wallabies, what a fun experience for Gabby and the rest of us!
There were shoes the size of kangaroos feet that you could put your own feet in. Pretty funny.Eli chilling in the stroller, such a laid back kid.
This pretty little waterfall was at the entrance of the zoo.
When we first arrived.

This is Gabby and I on Orchard street, the biggest shopping area in Singapore. Everything there is so pricey though. We had fun window shopping.
We road a bus to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur and back again. It is a really nice bus though. It was a four hour trip and gabby watched cartoons the whole way on the on-bus movie system in the lounge downstairs. It is double decker bus. It was a fun trip.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures, feel free to leave comments if you want. We miss you all and hope that you all come to visit soon!!