Friday, September 23, 2011

The who's who of these Benezette girls . . . Zoe or Gabby?

Here are some fun photos, some are Zoe and some are Gabby. Can you tell which photos are of which girl??

Hey everyone!!! Wanted to share a few photos with you! Andy took this photo yesterday of our sweet Zoe gobbling up some chocolate chip cookies that her big brother and sister made with their Nana Benezette. This picture made us laugh, so we decided to share the joy!!! Zoe is getting big so fast! Hard to believe that in three months this amazing little lady will be 2 years old!!

Here is Zoe back in June of last year at 6 months old, a few months before we headed stateside. A friend took it and I just love the sweetness of the kisses from her Daddy.

Eli loves to pretend to surf in his Grandparents pool! I took this yesterday while he was showing me his stuff! Andy has taken Gabs and Eli out surfing for real a couple times and they LOVE it!! Both have managed to stand up and ride the board to shore! Not Sure what you think, but I think Eli is totally rockin' those goggles!!! ...... Even if they are upside down!! :D

We will be heading back to Malaysia next month!! We are so excited to get back to our house, family and friends over there! Our hearts delight in the joy and many challenges that lie ahead as we continue on in this journey here on earth . . . Running the race set before us!! Thanks for reading the blog and keeping up with us as we galavant around the world!