Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bath time in the Benezette household is never dull . . . there is always something to laugh at and about.The double bucket-bath treatment . . . these two have such a ball together!!
Big man is starting to sit up on his own . . . he is growing up way too fast. He has reached so many mile stones in the last few weeks, it has been so fun to watch.
Playing on the floor . . . one of his favorite activities.
Here we are this past Saturday at the park . . . having a picnic and a cool down. This park is located behind the Petronas Towers (the big twin towers here in Kuala Lumpur, the ones that Malaysia is famous for). It has unending playgrounds and a fun little water park for the kids that is no deeper than Gabby's chest in the deepest spot. There are waterfalls and fountains and it's just a great place for the kids to splash around . . . they both love it.
Can't you tell that they are so miserable!!
Eli and Andy . . . big smiles all around!

Gabby and her monkey friend . . . the one that Papa bought for her at Hyvee in Missouri, during one of our grocery runs =+).
Eli being a big man and sitting up by himself.
Goofy kids.

Gabby decided that she would share her apple with Eli and let him take "licks of it" =+)
Gabby enjoying a fluffernutter . . one of her Papa's inventions . . . thanks for the fluff Papa and Grandma!!
What a little poser . . . we think that our Gabs is a doll, but we are a bit bias =+)

Me and Gabs hanging out together, best buds =+).
Clowning around as always . . . what else is new with this goof??
Eli is also learning to feed himself finger food . . . he really loves to do it by himself.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Here are just a few pics of our cuties. We went to a restaurant in the Menara KL. It is restaurant that revolves in the top of a big tower in was a lot of fun and some really good food.

Our silly girl.What a cool stud muffin!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Here are the pictures of our time as a family in the Philippines. This first one is actually in Malaysia though. It is my mom and dad in front of the Petronas Towers . . . cool pic huh!! The rest of the pictures below are all of us in the Philippines though . . . hope you enjoy them. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the post if you want to.The cousins together . . . for the first time in a year and half . . . they had a blast together!! We decided it was probly best not to put Eli in the tree, we thought he might not like it =+).
Gabby and Tigger at a toy store in manila, I spent a lot of time goofing around in this store as a teenager.
Swimming at a waterfall on the Island of Mindoro.
Snorkling . . . we had a blast, Gabs was too cute in this over-sized mask (over-sized on her anyway!).
Having a ball!!
Jumping from rock to rock as we made our way to the beach next door to where we stayed (they had better food at the beach next door)
Safety first!! Always remember your life vest =+)!
Ahhhh . . . vacation!!

Hanging at a park near where my sister lives.

Snuggling with my boy as the rest of the gang rock climbed at an indoor rock climbing place.
This the way the kids traveled for the first day before we had two cars, we were in there like sardines!!

The view from the beach hut where we stayed . . so beautiful and wonderful . . . so many memories from many vacations here growing up. It was awesome to bring Andy to all the places from my childhood!
Andy and I in front of the house where we lived in Manila. Four years of my life were spent in this house. It was so great to share stories and actually be able to point things out and let him have the picture with the story! We had a great time in Philippines, we can't wait to go back again when we get the chance. We have a lot more that we want to do there.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bright Eyes . . . our handsome man. What a joy he is , he has been learning and growing so fast these past few months.

Eli boy just chillin' on the floor . . . He is really trying hard to figure out the crawling thing , he is getting to be a really great scoocher =+) We can't believe that he is over 7 months old already, wow how time flies when you are crazy busy!!These aren't our pictures from our time in the Philippines, but I decided to post a few anyways. I keep forgetting to get the Philipine pics on the computer and we go to starbucks to get online, so when I am online I am not at home where the pictures are. So here are some pics of the kids anyway. These were taken about a month ago . . . hope you enjoy them.
Sunset picture from out of our living room window . . . beautiful isn't it?!?
A bucket bath . . . Gabs new bath style, she loves it!! Gabby will be three next month, another milestone that we cannot believe is here already . . . she is our little pride and joy!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We just got back from an awesome trip to the Philippines to visit where I (Bethany) grew up. It was so much fun showing Andy my home. We visited my old school and one of my old houses, we went to the beach where we used to vacation, we visited a couple of incredible waterfalls, we had some delicious home cooked filipino meals, and so many more really fun things. We did all sorts of awesome stuff . . . and the best part was that we were all together as a family. My parents flew in from the states and my sister, her husband and there three kidos were there too, as well as my bro and his wife. What a great time of being together. I don't have the pictures of our time on this computer so I will post them later. Thanks for your love and thoughts, keep looking up.