Monday, July 23, 2007

Introducing the newest member of our family . . . our 1989 Volvo 240 GL. It is really working great for us so far and we are really grateful for it!! It is a great family car . . . so big and really safe, it is built like a tank!

Gabby rocking it out on her Daddy's playstation game.

We just got back from a week in Penang . . . mostly meetings but some fun too. Here is Gabs and I checking out a bird that they had at a restaraunt on the beach. We are still not sure what kind of bird it was.
Eli and his new shoes, they have all sorts of knock off crocs here. . . they are great for the kids.
The best part of the trip was that there was a real bath tub!!! The kids had a ball!

The beach was great too, the kids love the sand, sun and water!!

Daddy and his boy.
The stroller didn't work very well on the sand we figured out a little too late. =+)
Some nice walks on the beach. Just watch out for landing parasailors, they were everywhere!
There was a Macdonalds with a play place, we had to make a stop there.

Here is the view from the condo that we stayed in for the week. It was a lot of fun. Thanks so much for checking out the blog, we miss you all!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Well . . . our baby boy is one year old!! His birthday was this past Wednesday and we had a fun party for him. Here is Eli and his Daddy on his big day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELI!! =+)Here he is with the present from Uncle Tim and Aunt Shana (and grant and garrison). You will see that he has his pj's on with this one . . . he had to take a nap in between some of the present opening, it is hard work you know!!
This is him opening the present above.

Here's Eli with his new Thomas the train book from Grandma and Papa Jackson. Thanks guys!
Eli loves his new cars from Papa and Grandma Jackson too, he didn't want to go on to any other presents after he opened them. =+)

5 cool cars all together, and they are made out of teething material, which is perfect . . he is working on a tooth right now.
He has to concentrate really hard aparently to play with these cars . . . very serious face =+)
We got blues clues party hats, there were pink ones and blue ones. Gabby felt it necessary to put a pink one on her brother.
Here is Eli and our Nanny, she is so in love with our kids. It is so great to have someone we trust, she is great with them and they adore her.
Daddy and his boy again.
Eli and his new teddy bear from Uncle Dave and Aunt Bethany, it is Mr. Bean's teddy . . . Eli loves snuggly things. He is such a cuddler, totally opposite from his big sister. We are loving all the cuddles and kisses he gives all the time!!
Big One Year Old!!
Such a great smile on our little man!
And for the highlight of the party, the cake eating!! I made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles and he loved it . . . from head to toe =+)!

Here is Gabby the day after the party . . . still enjoying the balloons.
She is such a little mama . . . putting bottles together, she is growing up way too fast!
She wanted to wear some of my lipstick . . . little princess.

Gabby is really a great big sister, always wanting to help her brother.
He is almost the same size as her now, she has about 6 inches of height on him still though. Not for long probably.
"huh . . . who, me?"
Playing together in Gab's room.
Our little poser =+)
Daddy and his kiddos, playing computer game after bath time.
Don't squeeze too tight =+) Thanks for checking out the blog, keep us posted on how you all are doing too. We love you all, and miss you too!

PS . . . if you sent a present and there is not a picture of him opening it here, that is because some of the pics are on another memory stick. I will post those as soon as I can. He loves the cement truck Kev and Mary. =+)