Monday, May 19, 2008

Miscellaneous Things We Do =+)

Eli being the stud that we all know he is! He is not my little baby anymore. . . he is turning into our little man, such personality!!

I love it that Gabby and Eli are learning how to play together so well . . . they keep each other busy for hours!
Gabby posing for me in her braids . . . a family of five stayed with us while Andy was in Thailand for business, and the Mom of the three kiddos was really good at braids. Gabby had a ball looking like a little princess with her braided hair! I need to learn better how to French Braid!!
Eli . . . way to stay hydrated buddy!
This is the youngest of the three kids (of the family that stayed with us) his name is Ben . . . and he and Eli got along really well.
Here is a picture of Andy and I . . . before we left on a triple-date with Dave and Bethany and some other friends of ours here . . . we went and saw Prince Caspian!! Which I cried after . . . mostly because of all the the memories of my Dad reading Narnia to us when we were kids . . . I miss you Dad and Mom!!
Well . . . we knew that it was just a matter of time before we could afford a dish washer . . . it is 3 foot 1 inch tall with a load capacity of about one plate at a time =+) . . . the Gabster Machine '08!!
Hard at work . . . she actually was having such a blast and has since been begging to do the dishes. =+) . . . we better take advantage of her willing services!!Wash, Rinse, Repeat!
The older version of the the dish washer . . . showing the newer model how to function well =+)!

Eli . . . looking a little like he is up to no good!
Thanks for visiting the blog! Hugs to all!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gabby's AccidentWell, for those of you who have yet to hear of Gabby's fall . . . here is the damage done. This pic above was taken yesterday when we went in for a bandage change, she is closing here eyes because the light is so bright! Here is HER story of what happened (Andy was doing dishes and I was in the shower, so neither of us saw it): Gabby says that she was throwing a ball up in the air and trying catch it herself, she slipped and fell onto our not-so-forgiving marble floor and well . . . you can see for yourself, she gashed open her chin. Oh, and by the way, this all happened on Mother's Day =+)!!
It took a plastic surgeon and a total of 10 stitches (3 under the skin to sew the muscle back together and 7 on top of the skin) and our girl was back together again. There was oh so much blood, and a bit of a scare for all of us. Since I was in the shower, all I heard was Andy yelling "Bethany, get out here, we have to go to the hospital!!" I ran out, got dressed and gave Gabs some liquid ibuprofen to ease the pain a bit. We jumped in the car and were at the hospital in minutes. When the E.R. Dr. got to us and checked her out, he said that it would be best if a plastic surgeon did the job, because there was muscle to be reattached. So, we of course gave him the go-ahead to call in the on call plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon was there within about 40 minutes, put an IV in Gabby (which she wasn't fond of, but was such a trooper) and then put some sedative into Gabby girl to keep her calm and still for the surgery. Andy held her arms to her sides and a nurse held Gabby's head still. Gabs was actually pretty funny during the surgery, she kept giggling (due to the drugs in her system) and telling me to look at the purple and green on the ceiling (which was not there=+)). God knew that I needed a bit of a laugh, I was a bit stressed to say the least.

She gets the stitches out on Sunday, please be thinking of the wound, that it wouldn't get infected and that it would heal quickly with minimal scaring (she's a girl after all, and we don't like those nasty scars!!) Thanks for checking out the blog . . . we miss and love you all as usual!!