Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Here are a couple videos of Eli's first few steps, he just started walking a little bit last week and he is getting better and better every day. Hope the videos work . . love you all!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Our Gabrielle

I couldn't help but post these pictures that Andy took today of Gabby. Her pig tails are really crooked because she was having a super hard time holding still today. She is our little lady and growing up so fast . . . what a beautiful little girl our Father blessed us with!!

The picture below is of Gabby when she was two months old . . . it seems like she just looked like this! Ya I know that everyone says that kids grow up so fast, but it is really amazing to watch. Andy and I always talk about how day to day it seems like it is taking forever for our little ones to grow . . . but all of the sudden you look at Gabby and think "wow, when did she get that big?" I know that she will be graduating high school in no time, but I am in no rush . . . she is the most amazing little girl ever!
Thanks for checking out the blog . . . have a good rest of your week. Love you all so much!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cameron Highlands
Hey Everyone, sorry it has been a while since the last time I posted. We wanted to show some pictures of the trip that we took to the Cameron Highlands last month. It was a really fun time of strawberry picking, going to tea farms and going to a bee farm, and the scenery was incredible the whole time. The temperature up there was a bit chilly because of the altitude. Chilly to us anyway, since we have aclamated to KL weather. It was in the low 70's up there . . . Brrrrr!! This first one is of Eli in his cute little sweater (the first time that he has gotten to wear it since we got here).
Here are some pics of the trip there. The road was a bit scary, really narrow and sooo curvy . . . with a cliff drop off on one side and a landsliding mountain on the other. But . . . the view was amazing!! SO worth it!! The bus that you see in front of us blew a tire shortly after this pic was taken . . . no one was injured though, he was going slow enough to just cruise to the shoulder.

Andy stopped the car so that I could take these pictures . . . it was so pretty.

The kids slept for about an hour on the way to and from the Highlands . . . it was a nice break for mom and dad too =+).

This picture was taken on the highway up there before it got windy . . it was such a nice drive. The white car you see in front of us is my brother and sister in law's . . . we traveled up together. Along with some other friends of ours. It was a really fun time.

The next few pictures are when we visited the Bharat Tea Plantation. It was sooo pretty . . . the first time that any of us had ever seen how tea is grown. The lighter green hills before the trees start are all tea bushes . . . it was a really huge plantation.

Family photo in front of the tea fields. Eli looks less than thrilled, I don't think that the whole tea thing really impressed him much. He really liked the shortbread cookies there though.

Just sitting in some cute chairs by the plantation.

Our cute little kiddos. Eli is infatuated with that thumb of his.

The twins . . . I thought that it was cute that they have the same exact look on their faces.

Eli surveying the land =+).

One of my personal favorite pictures of Eli and his daddy, they are quite the pair. He is getting to be a Daddy's boy. This picture shows you how big Eli is getting, look how long he is against Andy now!

Gabby enjoying the breeze and view . . . she had a really good time up there, she keeps talking about going back and taking Papa and Nana Benezette strawberry picking when they come over here in December.
Daddy and his munchkins.

Andy let me sip on some tea by myself while he took the kids over to edge to take a look together. I couldn't help but snap this picture . . . it was such a cute moment.

Andy enjoying the tea. The fruit of their labor at this plantation.

Look at how big the field is behind me . . . up and down those hills. It is all tea bushes where it is a bit lighter green . . . until the trees.

Me and the little ones . . . Eli looks happy to be there in this one.
Eli and I . . another one at the farm. I think this one is right when we got to the tea farm.

The flowers up there were soo amazing. This is a hibiscus flower and that is my hand beside it, to show you how big the flower is. It was really neat.

These next ones are at the place where we went strawberry picking. It was just walking distance down the hill from the hotel that we stayed at. Gabs thought that it was so cool that she got to pick the berries all by herself, and she got some really good ones too.

The kids and I by the Strawberry farm. You could buy their homeade jam with the strawberries they grew there . . . it was so yummy,

Andy and Gabs looking for the perfect strawberries. She looks so serious about the whole thing.

Eli "picking strawberries" . . . he chilled in the front pack the whole time. I was a bit sore by the end of the expedition; he is getting really heavy! Eli actually did pick a strawberry, the isles were really narrow and he reached out his hand while I was distracted and just plucked one. Andy looked at him and said "Eli, what did you do?" Eli slowly put the berry back where he found it . . . it was too cute.

Look at those yummy berries . . . great job guys!

Thanks for checking out the blog . . . we miss and love you all, have a great week and stay in touch!!