Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Well, we got back this past Saturday from a 4 day vacation; that was how many days we had left of our 21 required vacation days per year (required by our company). We had a really great time, we went and stayed in a villa on the beach, in a small town in the southeast tip of peninsular Malaysia called Desaru. These first two pictures might have been the highlight for Gabby. We went to a bigger town, north of the small village we stayed in, for dinner one of the nights . . . we ended up at a really nice mall, it so happened that Barney was putting on a show that night. Gabby was so excited and sooo into it, Andy managed to wade through the people and put Gabby in the little fenced-in area for the kids. You can see Gabs in the pic below, she is wearing a pink spagetti-strap tank top and pink shorts . . she is near the back. She blends in quite well with her dark hair.
Driving to Desaru, we were so excited to get away for some relaxation . . . it was much needed!

Here is the beach that the hotel was on, there was a a great pool too . . . the kids really loved it.

This is the tree that was right in front of the little villa that we stayed in . . . it was covered with monkeys almost the whole time that we were there. There are four in it in this picture.

Gabby spent almost the entire time there on this slide, she was scared to go down it at first . . . but when she finally went down . . . she was hooked, we couldn't get her to stop!

Eli and I . . . despite the look on his face, he had a really great time too . . . he actually liked the beach time better than the pool time though. I think that he just liked eating the sand =+).

Gabby on the slide again . . . she really loved it!!

Eli boy, not looking very impressed, he is all oily . . . lathered in sunscreen, he had gotten burned the day before and I wanted to make sure that it didn't happen again.

Our little cutie!

This is what the place looked like that we stayed at, it was really pretty.

Eli and I on the little balcony at the back of our little room.

Gabby loves McDonalds . . . not many three year olds who don't I am sure. She saw Ronald and wanted some pictures with him . . . too cute.

Eli chillin' in the stroller while his sister does her photo shoot with Ronald McDonland =+).

Big man on the beach, he had such a great time on the sand.

Gabby and the sandcastle that her and her Daddy made, she was so proud of it!

Eli checking out the water.

One of the nights that we were there, we drove to a small fishing village and had some of the best seafood of our life for dinner, we had these huge prawns that were steamed in ginger . . . sooo yummy!!

The Prawns =+)!!

Daddy and his kiddos.

Our room at the hotel, it was pretty cute.

Andy and Gabs hanging out in the room one of the days, waiting for the rain to stop so that they could hop back in the pool without freezing =+)

Thanks for checking out the blog!! Sorry that it has been so long since the last post, we have been so busy . . . what else is new in the Benezette household? We love and miss all of you and hope that you are having a wonderful Christmas season!