Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Grandma let Gabby lick the frosting off of her candles . . . she thought that was pretty cool. It was a fun birthday party, Gabs really had a great time, and so did we!!
Gabby got spoiled with lots of fun presents, this one was a Strawberry Shortcake doll that is about half her height, she loves it!
Having lots of fun!!

She loved her decorations and the Dora theme, I can't believe that my baby girl is two!! Where did all the time go? It is crazy how time really flies when you get busy with life. Gabs is getting really excited about the birth of her little brother, she loves to give my belly kisses and she talks about everything that she is going to do with the baby when he gets here.

Gabs eating her cake and ice cream at her party . . . she does not look impressed, but that is just because the party is almost over and she is getting sleepy!!
I thought this was a cute picture of Andy and Gabby, they are both in argile . . . so stylish!! We just celebratedGabby's second birthday, I have never seen her so excited, she had a blast!!