Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Vacation in Bali was awesome, very relaxing! The above pictures are one of the main reasons that we decided to spend our vacation time this year in Bali . . . they are of Andy catching an awesome wave . . . we all had fun!
This is the view from the balcony at our friends house where we stayed . . . I (Bethany) spent much of my time there, with a good book and a warm drink (the breeze was chilly!) . . rice paddies in the foreground and you can see the ocean in the distance . . . beautiful!
Buried alive! . . . the kiddos having fun in the sand.
Gabby during her first surf lesson . . . she was a little unsure of the whole thing.
Andy catching another great wave . . . a couple of the times that he went out it was double overhead (for those of you who don't do surf lingo, that means that it was twice his height!)
We spent one of our nights and two of our days up in a mountain town there in Bali, it was cold at night and chilly during the day there (cold for us anyways . . . it was in the 60's at night!!)
the kiddos in front of the cabin that we stayed in up there . . . cuties
Gabs being a poser . . . doll baby
Eli running to me with a flower he picked for me . . . my little gentleman!
Cheezy grins!
Loving the flowers!
Eating smores . . . yum!
SOOO good!!
Our big man roasting marshmallows . . . don't worry grandmas, his Daddy helped him =+).
Feeding the monkeys on the side of the road . . . the monkeys are much friendlier in Bali than they are in Malaysia, . . . they must be laid back because of island life =+).
Andy swinging into a freeeeeezing waterfall up in the mountains.
This kid's lips were turning blue and he was nearly convulsing with shivers before he finally got out . . . he was just having too much fun!!
The cold and goofy boys!
Mama and my girl!
Andy and the kiddos . . . watching the sunset as we ate . . chillin'!
Eli's first surfing lesson, he actually stood up twice on the board . . . a natural, surfing before he turned 3 years old =+)!!

All smiles . . . thanks for keeping up with us and looking at the photos, we miss you all!!