Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hey to everyone . . . here are some more pictures, for your enjoyment =+)
Hope everyone is doing well. Here are two pictures of our house . . . actually just the living room. We really like how it has turned out. Keep in mind that there was nothing in this apartment when we moved in, it was completely bare. Andy installed those cool lights and everything . . . handy Andy =+)!!Eli has really come to love being in his daddy's arms . . . which is good for everyone. Momma gets to have some time alone every now and then and Daddy loves his new buddy!
Our handsome man . . . I really think he is looking more and more like his daddy, which is great!
"want some ice cream?" =+)
The only way to truly enjoy ice cream is with it all over your face!
I'm not sure the hat totally goes with the outfit . . . but she sure liked it and we thought she was pretty cute too =+)
We definitely have children born in the technology age . . . our three year old can maneuver a mouse around and play games on the computer all by herself!
CUTIE!! Thanks for checking the blog out, we really appreciate it . . . makes us feel loved and unforgotten.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Well here are a few more pictures, just us being a family. These two are buddies to the core!!Momma got a little picture crazy on Eli, this is what he looked like at the end of it. The Eli photo shoot follows =+)

What a poser!
By their size you would not know that she is more than two years older than him . . . it's crazy!

Who me?? I wasn't eating any ice cream!!
We decided that if your bathroom looks like this when you go to take a shower then you definitely have kids =+)

This post was Eli centered for sure . . . I'll have to do a Gabby centered post some time =+) . . . thanks for checking out the blog!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Gabby Benezette wants you . . . to see if you can notice anything different and new about her! (besides the cute new hair cut)
Lets take a closer look . . . anyone??
Maybe a bit closer, this one has got to give it away!
That's right, Gabs is happy to share with everyone that she has finally gotten what she has been asking for the past 6 months . . . she got her EARS PIERCED!!
Her Aunt Bethany got some really pretty earings from Uncle Dave for their anniversary, but . . . Aunt Bethany's pierced ears had closed up long ago . . . so Gabby and Aunt Bethany decided to be brave together and get their ears pierced. Gabby had been asking for a long time about getting her ears pierced, ever since she noticed mine (her mommy's pierced ears). We were sure to tell Gabby that it would hurt (like a shot) and that she would have to get both pierced, not matter how much it hurt, she still really wanted it done.
She was so brave, Daddy was sure to hold her close!
Here she was before it all happened . . . waiting in anticipation.
Eli and I sharing a little snuggle.
Gabs in Daddy's Wahootey hat . . . what a cutie!
Last month on the 2oth of May was Andy's 27th Birthday . . . we celebrated with hats and cake. (Gabby made sure there were hats) =+)!
Here he is with his triple chocolate cake . . . sooo yummy!! Like the pink candles??
You can do it!!! He looks like he is whistling.
HEY . . . who you calling a loser buddy!?!? Thanks for checking out our blog . . . sorry it's been a while since the last post. We miss and love you all and hope to see you over here one day!