Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time With Andy's Parents!!
Hey everyone . . . well, here they finally are; the pictures of the time with Andy's parents! We did quite a bit of travel while they were here, but it was a bunch of fun!! This first one is Andy and his Dad on the top of a mountain in Langkawi (a resort island we visited with them)Still on top of the mountain. . . Andy, Gabby, Dad Benezette, Andy's sister and Uncle went to the top. Andy's mom refused to go to the top so Me, Eli, and Mom stayed at the bottom (because you have to ride in a cable car to get to the top, and she has a big fear of those).
Uncle Ed, Dad, and Gabby riding in the cable car on the way up . . . it has an amazing view (I have done the ride up before).
Nana and Eli, just enjoying each other by the pool =+)
Family picture in the pool, this is still in Langkawi at the resort where we stayed.
Andy's parents and us in front of the Towers.
In a small town south of where we live called Melaka, this picture was taken at a museum
Gabby and Uncle Ed chillin' at the train station in Singapore.
Mom, Dad, and Paige in front of the Towers.
We ate lunch at the Kuala Lumpur Tower, it is revolving restaurant about 80 stories up . . . this picture was taken there. It has an amazing buffet of Western and Asian food . . sooo yummy!! And a spectacular view of city!
Eating breakfast at our hotel in Melaka (a really cool historical city of Malaysia).
Gabby bouncing off the walls in Singapore . . . well, I guess the bed really =+)!
A picture of Gabby in her ballet class here in KL, Andy's parents got to see her in action!
Waiting for our "historical river cruise" in Melaka.
Mom and her new boyfriend =+).
Paige and Gabby having fun, Gabs really enjoyed every minute with Paige . . . she talks about her still.
A little bicycle ride in Melaka, it's called a Beca. They compete with decorating them, everyone of them looked amazing.
A Beca at night, Gabby took a ride with Papa and Nana . . . so much fun =+)!!
I think that Gabby is trying to swing dance with Papa here =+).
Uncle Ed and Eli . . . they were buddies!
One of the highlights for me . . . getting my wedding and engagement rings back (I had left them in a safety deposit box in Florida because I was told that it was unsafe to have them here in Malaysia . . . but since we have been here, we have felt no real threat as far as thieves and jewelry goes. So I asked Mom and Dad Benezette to bring my rings over with them. This is me and my rings during our happy reunion =+)!!)
Mom and Dad on the beach in Langkawi . . . so nice!
Another Tower picture . . . just the guys this time =+)
Andy and his folks on the beach . . . oh and Eli, the big man!!
Uncle Ed and Gabby with their super cool bandanas!! They look like a biker gang =+)!
Uncle Ed and us in front of the Towers . . . these towers pictures are so abundant!! =+)
A cute one of the Gabster =+). She is getting so big, so fast!! She will be 4 next month!!
Eli in the Kuala Lumpur Tower with Gabby's binoculars . . . surveying the surroundings =+). What a goof!
The 6 of us . . . dinner on the beach as we watched the sunset . . . so nice and sooo relaxing! Sorry it is a bit blurry, but you get the idea.
Paige and I and some monkey business . . . this tree just looked fun to climb, so we went for it =+)!!
Thanks for checking out the blog yet again . . . it means so much that you keep up with our adventures. We love you all . . . keep in touch!