Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We went to Tasik Bera (Lake Bera) this past weekend with some friends and had a blast, it is out in the middle of nowhere, about a 2 hour drive north from our house . . . the main attractions there are fishing, boating, and seeing the orang asli (literally the original people a.k.a. the tribal people) . . . here are some photos from our adventures there!! Gabby and Eli loved it, we had a hard time getting them into the car to come home.
Here are Gabs and Eli playing with a friend there . . . Gabby is nearly always in her own little world talking to all her imaginary friends.

Eli the gangster . . . he loves his new mickey mouse hat that he got from a friend here recently.
Daddy and Eli . . . Eli looks like he has a swollen mouth, really it is candy in his cheek (because he put poo poos in the potty . . . ya!!) Poor kid, getting his potty training escapades on the internet!
It was SOOO pretty and peaceful there . . . there is a ton of wild life there . . . one of the animals listed as living in the jungles in that area is the Malaysian Tiger . . . I was glad we didn't get to see one; though others in our group were disapointed. Andy was tiger searching the whole time!!
This was on the boat ride that we got to go on . . . a tour of the wetlands . . . so pretty. I will post a video of part of that trip later . . . it was pretty crazy, weaving in and out of the marsh!

These are called Pitcher Plants . . . you can see why. Pretty amazing!

More of the boat ride.
The building on the right is where we stayed the two nights that we were up there. So serene.
And again more boat ride.
Taking photos of myself, because Andy was on shore taking care of the kids (he went on the first trip while I watched the kids . . . we forgot to bring life vests for the kiddos, so they missed out on the ride . . . I felt really badly!)
And . . . you guessed it . . . more of the boat ride. I took sooo many photos because it was so pretty.

Eli laying on the pier . . . looking through, down to the fish.
Eli refused to smile for me in this photo . . . so it was our "sad face" picture.
We also went on a jungle trek as a family. We were ill prepared though. The lady at the front desk told us it was a leisurely easy hike. We ended up with cuts, scrapes, about fifteen mosquito bites and four leaches attached to our feet that we had to pull off; one on Gabby and three on Andy!! Their feet bled for nearly a day!
Hiking like champs!
Gabby found this huge leaf and was really proud of it.
Checking out the trail before we left . . . even the description sounded good and simple.

Gabby is our nature addict . . . the flower picking queen!
And here is the king of funny faces . . . Mr. expressive!

Pure silliness!!
Our cutie pie.

They sure are buddies . . . they hang together all the time.
Eli enjoying the view.
The cheesiest grin you will ever see!
Bethany's brother Dave contemplating the kayak ride ahead.

Eli does not like to hold still . . . we are constantly taking him on walks.

SOO pretty!
This is Eli scaring his mom to death as he leaps back and forth over the gutter . . . I was waiting for him to smack his face into the cement . . . but he proved agile that day.

Chilling as they waited for breakfast.
Sweet smiles . . . I think that Eli will catch up to Gabby's size VERY soon.
Gabby and her friend playing computer games . . . kids of the technology age!
Our sister in law . . . Bethany the gamer . . . =+)
Eli enjoying his soda . . . he got soaked from it, no control . . . but he loved every minute of it.
BBQ Malysian style the first night . . . that is lamb cooking away, hanging from the side of the barrel . . . it was soooo hot the meat just had to be near the barrel!!

Thanks for looking at the pictures . . . I know there were a ton of them this time. We miss you all and hope you enjoyed the photos.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here are some pictures from our day trip today to Malaka (a historical town south of us) with my friend Toby. Toby is here to visit us for a little over a week, he and I have been friends since we were 12 and it has been great to spend some time with him. Eli fell asleep on the way home holding my hand, too cute!!

Cheezy grin!!
Andy told them both to make silly faces and they ended up making pretty much the same face . . . they hang out too much I think!
Siblings . . . and buddies!
Our first family photo in a long time . . . we rarely take the time to get a family photo when we are out and about traveling. But Toby made us do it ;) . . . I was stoked that he did.
Eli getting a ride on "Uncle Tovy" . . . as he calls him.

Gabby very excited about something!!
Andy and Toby have been having a great time together too . . . it's cool to know my hubby enjoys my friends too.
Gabby and a train . . . there was a cement area with trains, planes, and automobiles of Malaysia and the kids thought that it was pretty cool.
Chillin' with Toby again!
Gabby absolutely loves Uncle Toby too.
Riding on a beca . . . one of Gabby's favorite things to do in Malaka. This driver was so funny, after I spoke Malay to him for a while, he kept stopping every time we passed a local and telling them very excitedly that I spoke Malay.
Tickle Fight!!
Gabby and Toby on Jonker Street, the main street in downtown Malaka where the shopping is awesome!
Fun times with a good friend!
I will leave you with a photo of Gabs with a crazy look in her eye . . . she thought this lion was pretty cool! Love to all and thanks for checkin out the blog!!