Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Photo Shoot in the Playroom

Eli giving me the "OK Mom, enough pictures" look =+)
Little man has the cutest grin . . . in this picture he is actually sitting in the toy bin . . . I guess this makes all the toys a bit more accessible.
Buddies through and through.
I told them both to smile, and this is what I got from Eli . . . he is always the overachiever =+)
Gabby wanted to pose for me . . . this is her newest picture pose . . . what a goof!
Silly face!
A sweet smile on a sweet girl!
It looks like Gabby is trying to explain something to Eli and he is a little unimpressed =+)
Standing in the toy bin . . . he is really thinning out and getting taller, turning into a toddler instead of my baby! Thanks for checking out the blog yet again . . . sorry that there are fewer pics this time around, I haven't had the camera out much lately for some reason.