Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stateside So Far . . .
I don't think that I have ever taken this long in between posts!! It has been a busy time so far here in the States and we have been thoroughly enjoying our friends and family here . . . what a blessing to be able to spend time with my parents and Andy's parents and other family and friends!! It had been such a long time apart!! Here are just a few of the photos that we have taken since we arrived . . . there are so many more . . but here is a taste. I will be do my best to be more diligent with blogging!! Love to ALL of you!! To see the pictures bigger just double click on them . . .

Gabby and Eli decorated the cake for their Daddy's Birthday last week . . . they had fun!

Zoe Grace is 17 months old now and growing way too fast!! We are loving every minute of the passionate little lady that she is becoming!!

Daddy and Zoe snuggling . . .

Our gorgeous Gabby girl . . . she turned 7 this past March 27!

Zoe learned how to climb onto the couch . . . she is always into mischief!!

Handsome Eli man . . . he will be 5 in July!!

The men giving their best tough-guy faces :)
Buddies for life!

bubbles bubbles bubbles!!!

The three musketeers . . . we are so in love with our sweet kiddos!! Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog, we are having fun here in the States, but are really looking forward to getting back to our friends and family in Malaysia!!!